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On ukrainian human rights will be made cartoons

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Network (UHHRN) presented the site "Cartoons for Human Rights." Work of famous Ukrainian cartoonists dedicated to human rights now everyone can link at:

Defense of children rights - Polish model

17.10.10 | Pilgrim |
The group of social workers and lawyers of Donetsk and Lugansk regions from Children’s rights network were invited to Poland to the seminars in the subject of “Defense of rights of children and guardianship for the kids under the threat of demoralization.” The initiative was taken by the Polish branch of “Helsinki fund in human rights” alongside with right defending organization “Postup’” and a net of right defending children’s centers of Donbass. The Ukrainians could see the pedagogical system and prevention of juvenile delinquency as well as of crimes against kids in Poland.

Third sector rose to defend the rights of every child to family education

Public organizations need to suspend the orders of Prime Minister of Ukraine, aimed at further development and intensification of internat system in Ukraine.

To admire the achievements of Soviet education, social organizations urge the Cabinet. They oppose government initiatives to strengthen the system of boarding. This is in circulation, uploaded July 5 on behalf of 25 organizations to the Cabinet.

Children’s Village visiting the Easter festival Paskha Krasna ( Nice Easter -rus.) - PHOTOS

In the center of Donetsk has passed the sixth festival of Orthodox culture "Red Easter". This year, among the participants of it were pupils of Makeyevka Rehabilitation-training center "Children’s Village", accompanied by team of NGO "M.ART.IN club".

Drug user for the crew

To get a dose 17-year-old Igor did not have to steal. For all 6 years of addict experience, dope brought him friends well-wishers. Just for that boy stabbed with them.

Volunteer from Berlin came to help Makeevka children

Two weeks ago German volunteer Hagen Kriesing came to Makeevka. 29-yaer-old business consultant decided to use the stoppage of work to see Ukrainian social project and to add some elements of marketing and strategic planning to the existence of NGO.

At the beginning Hagen plans to research the principles of work of M.ART.IN-club. As the result after leaving Ukraine he wants to make the work of the NGO more effective.

African project of Ukrainian former street kids

The guys from “Republic “Pilgrim” earnestly got into the story of pastor Gennadiy about his trip to Kenya. At the setting of the government of republic in agenda there was a question: how can former street kids of Ukraine help their Kenyan brothers?

Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko shared with the church how terribly moved he was by paupers and starving street kids in the streets of Kenya he saw. Pilgrims showed a great interest. What is the schedule in their orphanages? Who helps them? Overwhelmed by what they saw the children felt that to some extent the destinies of those African street kids are alike theirs.