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Drug user for the crew

To get a dose 17-year-old Igor did not have to steal. For all 6 years of addict experience, dope brought him friends well-wishers. Just for that boy stabbed with them.

In his 10 years Igor has lost her mother and since then his life changed dramatically. He began to wander, and soon the street boys hoisted him on a needle - he began using drugs. At first it was just a concern, then entered into the system, and the last 6 years of his teenage life he spent on dubious pleasure. His so-called friends were willing to fuss and to share with him doses of drugs, just to have Igor in company with them.

Several times, Igor was trying to leave the fatal habit, but it lacked a maximum of two weeks. He already would have been glad to be free, but the strength and will not reach them.

Once Nataliya, a master teacher Makeyevsky School, where he studied Igor, strongly took a bus ticket and brought Igor in Mariupol, in the Center for Pediatric Rehabilitation "Republic" Pilgrim ".

So next time Igor has changed my life. Now he has spent a month in the Pilgrims and it absolutely is not felt to use drugs. It also found a guy and his friend from Makeevka - the same as he was a tramp for life. Educators and school teachers say that Igor kind, with good character. He immediately found common language with many pilgrims, showed great interest in sport, in particular, football.

In his own words, he is now completely different looks at his life and future. Igor tries to forget and forget the lost 6 years, to leave yourself a chance to fill this gap completely different interests and perspectives.


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