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Who can be a client of Children Rights Hotel?

Children rights hotel opened on the basis of the rehabilitation center for children in crisis in Makeyevka, Donetsk region, Hanzhenkovo settlement.

Its services can use 60 social orphans in need of accommodation during the processing of their status or searching of documents and relatives. Children will live in the rehabilitation center with providing food for the period necessary for the implementation of human rights actions, but no more than 45 days from receipt.

The hotel will operate for 6 project cities, workers of rights centers will sent children to the hotel with particularly difficult situations, the priority of using this form will be based on standards developed earlier; delivery of a child will be done by employees of the centers.


1.A child is a client of the project (see "Children’s rights centers")
2.In number of its challenges include some of the following:
- a child has no place of residence at the time necessary to establish its status and implementation of the project actions - to protect his/her rights (hereinafter: the period of assistance)
- a child was not able to care for itself, and there is no one who could implement it for the period of assistance.
- a child needs a socio-psychological rehabilitation
- Stay in the place of residence poses a threat to the physical, mental or emotional health of a child.
- Social worker of rights center defined other reasons for which a client require the services of the Children rights hotel