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African project of Ukrainian former street kids

The guys from “Republic “Pilgrim” earnestly got into the story of pastor Gennadiy about his trip to Kenya. At the setting of the government of republic in agenda there was a question: how can former street kids of Ukraine help their Kenyan brothers?

Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko shared with the church how terribly moved he was by paupers and starving street kids in the streets of Kenya he saw. Pilgrims showed a great interest. What is the schedule in their orphanages? Who helps them? Overwhelmed by what they saw the children felt that to some extent the destinies of those African street kids are alike theirs.

At the extraordinary setting of the government the main question of agenda was how exactly the pilgrims could be helpful for African kids.

Valera Glushets, President of “Republic “Pilgrim”: “The members of our government got gifts – bracelets that Pastor brought from Africa. We decided that it is going to be some kind of our connection with Kenyan adolescents. They are just like us! Each time we have a look at the bracelet we’ll recall those guys, pray for them…”

The children made a decision to start making informational desk of their ministry where photos, news of Republic will be systematically upgraded. There also will be a special box for the donations for African kids. The first goal is to collect money to buy a bike for the kids in Kenyan orphanage. They plan to make a bike gifts to the partnering orphanages “Oasis of Hope” and “Gilgal”.

According to Tatayana Karpuchina, executive of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “Pilgrim” she was pleasantly surprised by the children’s decision as there is not a single whole bike in the center:”We saw our kids are able to compassionate that they are not infected with the spirit of consumerism, not over concerned about their own needs, are able to empathize to other kids”.

There’s also an idea to sell hand made crafts in order to support partnering orphanages in Kenya.