Volunteer from Berlin came to help Makeevka children

Two weeks ago German volunteer Hagen Kriesing came to Makeevka. 29-yaer-old business consultant decided to use the stoppage of work to see Ukrainian social project and to add some elements of marketing and strategic planning to the existence of NGO.

At the beginning Hagen plans to research the principles of work of M.ART.IN-club. As the result after leaving Ukraine he wants to make the work of the NGO more effective.

At the same time Hagen is ready to help one of the standing projects of M.ART.IN-club - rehab center "Children’s village" (which is working at the momens as the children rights protection hotel) to satisfy its daily requirements. One of the mini projects is repair of the house, which Hagen makes together with inmates of a children’s home and Ukrainian volunteer.

- For a long time I wished to find some project, which helps pure children, some project with heart. Such children and such team I discovered in M.ART.IN-club. I am glade, that helping-children is not bureaucratic in this organisation. I know, that I will come here again and I will help even when my visit to Ukraine will be over, - tells our guest from Germany.