Children’s Village visiting the Easter festival Paskha Krasna ( Nice Easter -rus.) - PHOTOS

In the center of Donetsk has passed the sixth festival of Orthodox culture "Red Easter". This year, among the participants of it were pupils of Makeyevka Rehabilitation-training center "Children’s Village", accompanied by team of NGO "M.ART.IN club".

Inhabitants of the "Village" came to the festival with crafts and entertainment. Located in the "City of masters" - the part of Pushkin boulevard, where young guests of the festival, as well as their parents could take a part in the workshops on needlework, children from the "vilage" showed what they can. At the table of M.ART.IN Club you could learn a variety of crafts from paper, beads, tow and other natural material. In the hands of children blossomed fluffy flowers, colorful birds came to life and sparkled in the sun variegated thread beads. As teachers of needlework appeared as employees and volunteers of social organization, and the young inmates of rehabilitation-training center.

Certainly, children were interested to take part in all amusements. Time to time, they went to see what things there are at neighboring tables, liked watching concert numbers and participated in contests of "Game-city". By the way, for successful participation in competitions, children were given the local currency - "talents", which can be exchanged in a special bench for the cherished prizes. Several of these prizes went to the Children’s Village. Long time they will remember tea from the giant samovar. Special joy to children brought a small belfry, which votes by the joyful toll all suburbs, informing all that Christ has risen.

Joyful Easter mood could not spoil even torrential spring rain. Wet, slightly dazed from the vivid impressions and happy residents of the Children’s Village came home in the evening. Vivid impressions from the trip to the festival will remain a topic number one for a long time during evening tea in Hanzhonkovo.


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