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About the project

About project

In March 2009 has begun work the first and unique for today in Ukraine ”Network of children rights protection centers”, united six public organizations of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Mission of rights protection point consists in granting qualified social and legal aid to social orphans of region, that is those who has actually remained without trusteeship of family, however, has no status of the orphan.

Realization of the project became possible owing to financing of Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine. Participants of network became public organizations which during long time prosecuted subjects of childhood protection, social rehabilitation of children.

Necessarily they had to solve problems laying in a legal plane, however now they will have an opportunity to do it more effectively.

Children Rights Protection (CRP) centers are opened on the basis of the following organizations:

- NGO "M.ART.IN-club" - Makeyevka
- Charity fund "Republic Pilgrim" – Mariupol
- NGO “Youth Alternative center” — Donetsk
- Rights protection center «POSTUP» - Lugansk
- NGO "Class" - Alchevsk
- Regional branch of Ukrainian public organization «Committee of voters of Ukraine” – Severodonetsk.

Besides on the basis of existing Rehabilitation center “Children’s village” (which is working ten years in Makeyevka) is opened Children Rights Hotel. Its purpose – to become a round-the-clock shelter for clients of CRP centers requiring in lodging for the night and feed for the period of official papers registration.

For two years of project work CRP centers assume to capture not less than 1200 children who have appeared in complex life situations.
Among most often problems, with which children and teenagers from socially unsuccessful environment collide, - absence of documents, infringement of the property rights, illegal actions made in their attitude, violence. In the decision of similar problems the state social services for today are engaged. However, children appeared in a trouble and not having the corresponding status, come outside of social services attention. Besides the quantity of such children is great and, alas, constantly grows. In connection with that mechanisms of introduction of laws directed on protection of the childhood are poorly registered, there are no conventional quality standards of providing protection services for children, the problem of social orphanhood remains actual.

The problem has some levels of decision, one of which - providing qualitative rights protection services to social orphans, their relatives and representatives of interests; influence on quality of services which provide for children rights protection organizations; creation of social orphans support networks, into which enter both state, and not state bodies.

During realization of the project it is planned to create clients base, taken advantage of services of Rights protection network. Access to it representatives will have not only workers of CRP centers, but also services on affairs of children, centers of social services for youth, sectors of criminal militia on affairs of minors and others NGOs, providing services for social orphans. Clients base also will unite the experience which has been saved up during realization of the project in questions of providing of a legal aid for social orphans. In a final stage of realization of the project will be organized workshop for representatives of NGO’s and state social services; interested persons can pass a distance learning course on technique of children rights protection.